December 6, 2009

Winter is Here

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fefc6b852e00e6baSo our Wine Weekend went really well and Thanksgiving was loads of fun. The weekend after, we hosted a small wedding for what could possibly have been the cutest couple ever. It was beautiful and we had a great time with them.

Now it’s December and things have slowed down, and while I was out in the woods Thursday I got to thinking about things. I was sitting on a hill above Hunters Lake, which you could just see through the tree tops. I was technically hunting deer,  but was more concerned with reading my book and enjoying the scenery. Forced to think about time and years gone by(I turned 29 on Friday) , I realized I was surrounded by Beech trees half my age and Hemlock and Oaks that more than doubled it,  I felt comfortable in the middle and  I wondered if/when I’ll start worrying about getting older. In the end, my birthday came and went without much resistance, but we’ll see what next year brings(30).

Anyway, the book I’m reading concerns a couple and their child in the coldest regions of North America, Northern Canada and Alaska. I got to thinking anout how Eagles Mere is not that different from these areas anymore. They were known as the last frontier and still are,  but now there is sort of a backwards frontier,  the place where technology takes a back seat to Pennsylvania wilds and old-time charm. I think a feeling of being at home or at peace here is inevitable, some feel it right away and some take a little longer but they always get there.  

So I came to terms with the reality that we’ll probably attract guests who know our secret and will leave others thinking we’re crazy for living in an area without cellphone service(you can always use our phone for necessary phone calls). I just feel bad because the guests who think they can’t handle the remoteness of Eagles Mere are the folks that need us the most.

Sorry about the rambling, this is what happens when I have too much time on my hands.  I’ll have work to do soon, we’ve got a couple of private Christmas parties coming up, so that will be fun, followed by a two day break with my family, then on to New Years and hopefully a great year of hosting the best guests you could ask for.

One last thing, and this is because I heard “The Gambler” on the radio this morning and I’m afraid I disagree with something. I guess for some people “the best that you can hope for IS to die in your sleep”, but thats only because they never gave themselves the option to “live while they’re awake”. I think Kenny should have mentioned this as an alternative, but we’ll offer it up here, in Eagles Mere.

I hope you have a great day!!! I think I’ll make a snowman today.


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  1. Toby – again, thanks for everything you and the staff did to make our wedding amazing! It was perfect and what made it extra special was you taking the time to celebrate the night before with us. We can’t wait to come back! We hope 2010 brings you and the staff peace and happiness!

    Donna and Marco

    Comment by Donna & Marco — January 17, 2010 @ 7:35 am

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