January 23, 2010

Things we don’t know

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Well, we just don’t know what the weather will decide to do. The problem we’re facing is this; if they groove the slide and it warms up or rains then the slide could be ruined for the year. The plan is to hold off for cooler weather later this week and hopefully it can be grooved and opened for the coming weekend. I’ll post it here when I find out the scoop.
On a more positive note, I was able to go ice skating, but I need to hone my skills before I post that video. For those out there with ice skates or interest in skating, the Outlet Pond just a short walk from the Inn is the perfect place for skaters of all abilities. You don’t have to pay to skate there and you can skate any time of day. If you are there in the peaceful Eagles Mere twilight hours, they just ask that you turn the light off before you leave. The switch is right there on the pole.
That explains Eagles Mere pretty well. Its a neighborhood of trust and good intentions.
Here is something I’ve recently noticed and apparently have been taking for granted. This only occured to me after a visit to New York City two weeks ago. All of the benches in New York City, or anywhere else for that matter, are spaced out and facing away from each other. The benches in Eagles Mere are all in a U-shape, touching and facing each other. Much more inviting, as well as a great place to converse with the locals and meet new and exciting people. Another difference I noticed was the traffic. In Eagles Mere if you are crossing a street, no one would ever think of beeping their horn at you, but you can count on a wave from every passerby(I can personally guarantee this). One interesting similarity between us and NYC, is the amount of fur you see; the only difference is that in Eagles Mere the animal is wearing it, not the people.
I still love New York City, not just because of the energy you feel there, or the millions of great restaurants, but also because it reminds me of what is so great about Eagles Mere. It is a huge contrast and if you enter each with the right attitude, then I think you’ll find the whole spectrum of what life has to offer……..

I know, I know, you want to hear about the toboggan slide. I just don’t know anything for sure. I can only hope that by next weekend it will be running and all will be well. I’ll will certainly let you know.
In the meantime there is still plenty to offer up here in the mountains, so come up ad see how beautiful the winter can be in Eagles Mere!

January 4, 2010

Toboggan Slide Here We Come

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According to some relatively reliable sources, the ice on the lake as of yesterday was about eight inches thick. That means we need about four more inches before they can start work on the slide. I’m hoping to be able to post when they will start working on it with enough time that you can all come up to see them building it.
We’ll see how it goes.
I’ll be working on a little project of my own in the next week when I have time. I’d like to build a bird feeder that will run along the windows of our breakfast porch, so our guests can make some friends while enjoying their breakfast or dinner.
Also, in the meantime I’ll be working on an Eagles Mere winter sports montage, so hopefully I get both goals accomplished without any injuries. I haven’t been ice-skating this year yet, but they just plowed off the Outlet Pond so I don’t have a choice, it just looks too inviting. I’m still looking for the perfect music for the background of my video…… that’s a job in itself. Although I’ve got a few ideas, some suggestions would be welcome.

The snow is beautiful here in Eagles Mere, and it isn’t too cold to enjoy it .We are booking up for the next couple of weeks and the beginning of February, now that we have our midweek special posted, so give me a call and come up to see it.

No last thoughts today-I’ve got two fires to attend to.