January 4, 2010

Toboggan Slide Here We Come

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According to some relatively reliable sources, the ice on the lake as of yesterday was about eight inches thick. That means we need about four more inches before they can start work on the slide. I’m hoping to be able to post when they will start working on it with enough time that you can all come up to see them building it.
We’ll see how it goes.
I’ll be working on a little project of my own in the next week when I have time. I’d like to build a bird feeder that will run along the windows of our breakfast porch, so our guests can make some friends while enjoying their breakfast or dinner.
Also, in the meantime I’ll be working on an Eagles Mere winter sports montage, so hopefully I get both goals accomplished without any injuries. I haven’t been ice-skating this year yet, but they just plowed off the Outlet Pond so I don’t have a choice, it just looks too inviting. I’m still looking for the perfect music for the background of my video…… that’s a job in itself. Although I’ve got a few ideas, some suggestions would be welcome.

The snow is beautiful here in Eagles Mere, and it isn’t too cold to enjoy it .We are booking up for the next couple of weeks and the beginning of February, now that we have our midweek special posted, so give me a call and come up to see it.

No last thoughts today-I’ve got two fires to attend to.


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