March 24, 2010

First Pig of the year!!

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Nice title isn’t it.
Well it’s true. Yesterday, I got a whole pig from Kuhn’s Family Farm and my brother was in from Tennessee. He is a chef at Blackberry Farms down there, and he came up for a couple of days.
We decided to make a project out of the pig, and if you come up in the next few weeks you can try some of the results. If you can’t, don’t worry, I’ve got a new pig coming in almost every month until December.
This pig weighed in at 150 pounds, and we ended up with about 95 pounds of meat.
Anyway here is the breakdown of what we have going on:
The tenderloins I left whole and raw, to use for dinner tonight or tomorrow.
I’m doing the loins chops two different ways: cured and smoked for some, and the others I am leaving to decide later, maybe mushroom stuffed if I can find enough fresh morels.
The hams and shoulders are in a brine with miso,mirin, and five-spice(among other things). I’ll smoke the hams and braise the shoulders.
The ribs have a dry rub on them. I’ll probably smoke them and do some sort of Fruit and Rhubarb BBQ sauce.
The head went in with scraps for scrapple. I used the liver in it also, so I’ll be eating most of this. I can’t help that I love scrapple. If you really like srapple let me know and you can try it(if you sign a disclaimer, we can’t serve you pig liver without it).
The bellies I put in a dry rub also, to make bacon that will be used in our sweet potato hash.
I did use the cheeks for Guanciale. This is cured and dried pig cheeks, only used in very special dishes.
I cut off the shanks possibly to braise, but then I wanted as much scrapple as I could get, so I threw them in with the other scrapple fixins. We’re going to finish the scrapple soon, I’m soooo excited.
In the end I threw away about 6 ounces of stringy fat and everything else went in for stock. Except some fat I saved for sausage.

This is the kind of stuff you get at our Inn. Fresh, local food sustainably raised. Throughout the year there are some exceptions to how local we can source things, but we do it as much as possible. At our Inn we look for high quality products, that are healthy to the consumer and the environment.
That’s what is great about Eagles Mere, you can get local food made from scratch from us or, if you don’t like hearing about where your food comes from, you can go to one of the other restaurants and get the more familiar feedlot beef filets and other dishes that you’ve had in most restaurants.
All of these options up here in the mountains, but no matter where you eat you’ll have a great time in Eagles Mere.

On a different note, Di and I went kayaking the other day at Hunters Lake, it was beautiful. We saw lots of ducks:Mallards, Mergansers, and Wood Ducks, and also a couple of Geese. No Bald Eagles yet, but I bet we’ll see them back soon.
I have been too busy for a hike, next time I’ll update you on that front.
Well I’m going to finish my scrapple!!
Beautiful weather today!!!

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  1. Great Blog!

    It really communicates your intense interest in, excitement with and abilities in working with great food products. That is why the food at the Eagles Mere Inn is so interesting and wonderful – not just the same basic stuff one gets at thousands of “fine dining” Restaurants. As a “foodie” who has challenges finding great food like yours, I appreciate that you are close enough to us for us to enjoy your cuisine.

    Also appreciated the lead to check-out Hunters Lake for all the wildlife!

    Comment by Peter G — March 24, 2010 @ 2:10 pm

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