April 5, 2010

Spring and the Haystacks

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Today, Diana and I went to do the Haystacks hike along the Loyalsock Trail. We chose to drop down over to check out Dutchman falls before following the Loyalsock down to the haystacks rock formation in the creek. The sun was out all day and it was warm, so it ended up being a really nice hike because it was under the shade of evergreens the entire way.

Diana’s favorite part was the Dutchman waterfall and she also liked walking over the different types of rock that formed a field right before the haystacks. I guess they got pushed there in high water.

I thought the water was a little high today and I contemplated for a second trying the kayaks down this section. After I saw whitewater near the Haystacks, I changed my mind. I’ve read that with the right conditions they could be up to a class IV or V rapids. Yikes!!

Haystacks on the Loyalsock- 15 minute drive from the Inn, 2  1/2 hour walk-Great time!!

Side note- The loyalsock trail runs on an old railroad bed for about 2 miles in this area, you could take bikes down and ride for most of the way, and then walk down to see the haystacks.  

Another highlight of our beautiful day today was seeing all of the ramps(wild leeks) starting to get big. Soon enough I’ll gather a bunch and make some different preparations. I’ll probably do some caramelized and use it with my pork tenderloin or the loin I didn’t smoke. Also, I will pickle some and then do a little ramp relish,  which goes great with our fresh rainbow trout and other seafood.  

We spent the second half of our day working to get the garden ready.  Later this week, I will get some blueberry and raspberry bushes planted.  I also plan on getting some peas and different edible flowers in the ground by the end of next week. 

Di and I finished her last day of Easter vacation with a glass of iced tea on the front porch of the Inn while relaxing on the rocking chairs.  Somewhere in the distance the Spring Peepers started discussing their plans for the evening, Di and I made our own plans for the garden and where we want to go on our next hike.

All in all, today was a good combination of fun and work.  Although, I wouldn’t call what we did in the garden “work”, considering we will be enjoying the literal “fruits” of our labors all summer long.  Maybe, you will too!

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