April 15, 2010

And the survey says…….

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……………getting a whole lamb from Jamison Farm was AWESOME.

 Here is the breakdown:

I boned out and tied the legs for roasts, probably to do a lamb “two ways” paired with a chop, which is what I did with the racks.

The front legs I also boned out and will use in a curried lamb and pork meatloaf that I’m doing for this coming wine weekend.

I’m trying something different with the belly/brisket. I put a dry rub on it and I’m going to smoke it(hopefully I’ll end up with a lamb “pastrami”, who knows?)

The saddle was really nice and I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet. I ate the tongue myself, braised, on an arugula salad with some quick “bacon” dressing I made with a little of my Guanciale(which just finished drying and is AMAZING).

I cooked the foreshanks Osso Bucco style, which is what is in the above picture.

Here is a secret for making great Osso Bucco: soak some sundried tomatoes in Sambuca for 10 minutes and then lightly drain them leaving some liquid and throw it all into your braise. Also, make sure you have a lot of fresh garlic, you really can’t have too much. The Sambuca gives the dish a sort of fennel flavor that is real nice, but subtle.

I also ended up with a nice lamb stock that I’ll probably reduce to demi-glace. The hindshanks I’m saving for a nice meaty snack in the near future.

That was it for the lamb this time.

Tomorrow, I’m going Ramp collecting and I will post my first Eagles Mere Inn Blog recipe.

Until then, hang on to your seats.

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