September 27, 2010

Fall Foliage?!?!

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    Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. We’ve been really busy and the past couple of months have really flown by. I’ll start out by backtracking a little bit. Above are some pictures of our garden in all of its glory(these photos were taken by one of our favorite guests, although it looks a little different now). We’ve gotten great usage, and still are, out of our fresh herbs and nasturtiums, as well as our tomatoes, kale, green beans, and various other veggies. Also, my blueberry bushes produced about 7 quarts of fruit this year!! Pretty nice, considering they were just planted this past Spring. If they did that good in their first year, I can only imagine what the future holds for them.

What else…hmmm……… Asparagus came up nice, so it looks like next year we’ll be able to use a decent amount. My Raspberries didn’t have the same kind of luck. The deer wouldn’t let them grow too much before they trimmed them down again.   I think I’ve got a solution figured out for next year. On a completely different note, we have been serving some great Venison lately, with a pearl onion and cherry chutney…mmmmm it’s good!!!

I’m not really serving the deer that eat my bushes……..yet.  Just kidding, our venison comes from the Rolling Hills Red Deer Farm near Catawissa, PA. It is really nice stuff and not too far of a drive from the Inn. 

So anyway, the garden is slowly diminishing, except for the Brussells Sprouts(don’t cringe if you haven’t tried freshly picked Brussels, wait till you try them tossed in a little olive oil and roasted,Yum!). We also have preserved fresh corn, green beans, and many different kinds of fruits for the off-season, so now we can serve local veggies and fruits year round.

And now, we move on to the Fall foliage season, which came out of nowhere and I guess kind of started already. I’ve already prepared a couple of batches of Butternut Squash Bisque and the apples we have been getting are really nice. I love the smell of fresh-picked apples and although the taste is different(not always in a bad way), it still makes me long for an apple picked off of a big, old apple tree that hasn’t been trimmed or sprayed in years, if ever. It starts out kind of bitter, then gets sour, then kind of sweet. The opposite order of a lot of dates I’ve been on(if forced to choose I’d easily rather go back to thetime spent with the apples ). Of course this doesn’t include you, Diana.

Sorry for my lame attempt at humor. I’m much better when I don’t think about it.

Try to stay focused here.

Okay, so check out our website for whats going on, especially the newsletter which will tell you about our upcoming events and specials, and get up here and look at the leaves already, what are you waiting for? The Endless Mountains of Pa. are one of the best places to experience the Fall Foliage season. Seriously they are.

Before you take off for your tour of the Northern Pennsylvania countryside, remember to to load up at breakfast(Its all-you-can-eat off of our breakfast menu). And although we don’t have the supposed “world famous” pancakes, like those that adorn the breakfast tables of other area establishments, its only because we don’t use the same internationally distributed pancake mix, we “mix”them ourselves, from scratch. Which goes great, by the way, with our homemade bacon, sausage, or for the daring: scrapple.   

Think about Pa. maple syrup with some local (churned by the Amish)butter, over fresh made pancakes, homemade bacon with free range eggs, or you could try the sweet potato hash. Or better yet, you could try all of that, we don’t care as long as you’re happy. Makes me hungry for some “Brinner” right now!

 Actually no, it is 9:30 at night and I just got some new beers to put on the list, so I need to “taste test” to be sure they are up to standards. It seems more appropriate given the time of day. Okay, I’m over the breakfast now, I got a little excited. It is good though(and I’m sure I’ll be back in the mood after the Delerium Nocturnum). 

Speaking of beers, have you seen our beer list lately, its getting quite expansive. I’ll be adding another dozen or so, once I can get down to talk to “my guy”. You know how these things go. Check out the list while you’re here for the newest selections.

Well that’s gotta be it for now, you’ll be getting a newsletter shortly, if you are on our e-mail list, wth some fall specials and info. on the upcoming wine tasting weekend and whatnot. If you are not on our list then sign up for it, you owe it to yourself.

I’ll be keeping up with my blog a little more regularly now, so watch out……

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