7 Reasons to Get Married at a Small Wedding Venue

As excited as you are to start the next chapter of your life with your beloved, there’s no doubt that planning a wedding can be a very stressful time in your life. Here are seven reasons to get married at a small wedding venue guaranteed to reduce your stress level!

It limits the number of people you can invite

Getting married at a small wedding venue limits the number of people you can invite and for good reason. It’s your wedding, not a family reunion. When costs can run over $100 a head for some venues, why invite a family member you’ve never had a legitimate conversation with or even met before? Choosing a smaller venue also prohibits family members from having a say in who gets invited. Your mom won’t be able to suggest her third cousin twice removed, and eliminated the unwanted “plus ones.” When you’re only able to invite the people you truly want there you will thank yourself later.

Small venue = less guests = less expensive

A shorter guest list means fewer mouths to feed, fewer tables to set, fewer invitations and save the dates to send, fewer wedding favors… the list goes on! Having a smaller number of people attend your wedding at a smaller venue will save you more money. Additionally, if you have a smaller venue you may be able to consider DIY projects. Ten DIY centerpieces are a lot more manageable than 30. By seizing the opportunity to DIY, your small wedding is yet another opportunity to save money on your big day. Not to mention, you’ll thank yourself when you have a quarter of the thank you letters to write.

You can say “yes” more

On the other hand, having a smaller venue with fewer guests also allows you to say “yes” more. By cutting costs on the number of guests, you can say “yes” to a live band or pianist you’ve always dreamed of. You can splurge on the fancier champagne or cake so you and your guests can really indulge. Better yet, you can put the money you saved towards your dream honeymoon so you and your new life partner can celebrate accordingly and the way you deserve.

Your wedding is instantly more intimate

If you’re not the type of person who enjoys the spotlight and the thought of having hundreds of eyes on you during your first dance makes you shutter, then opting for a fewer people at your wedding is for you. By choosing a smaller venue, you’re able to create a more intimate experience for you, your fiancé and your guests. With a shortened guest list, you’ll be able to really work a room. You can spend more time with your closest loved ones and friends, hold actual conversations and make memories that will last a lifetime. Additionally, when you’re only around those closest to you, you can be totally yourself without judgement! You’ll be able to let loose on the dancefloor and have your cake and eat it too.

You can customize your wedding

Additionally, to create an extremely intimate and personal feel for your wedding, you can make it customizable. With fewer people, you’ll be able to take the time to carefully craft your seating chart so your guests can feel more comfortable with their tablemates. Whether it’s with people they already know, or you see a new opportunity for friendship, your guests will leave closer because you were able to put more time into their seating arrangements. This level of customization also goes with your table settings. If you’re feeling really grateful for your closest friends and family, you can write them a short note for their seat, so they feel a part of your big day. Customizing these little details on your wedding day will make your guests feel welcomed and relaxed. leading to a more enjoyable evening for all parties.

Photographers will love you

And you will love them! Having a smaller venue with fewer people at your wedding gives your photographer more opportunities to capture the perfect moment. Without the distraction and chaos of a large wedding, they will be able to take the most intimate, romantic and once-in-a-lifetime shots that you will cherish forever. Whether it’s the best man’s speech or your first dance, with fewer people in the room they will be able to focus on the moments that really matter and get the perfect shot.

It increases your options for venues

A smaller wedding increases the number of options for potential venues. When you’re accommodating less than 50 guests as opposed to over 200, almost everything becomes a potential venue and it allows you to really get creative. There are many opportunities for smaller churches, museums, bed and breakfasts, small inns, art galleries and more.

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