How to Renovate a Historic Hotel in One Easy Step

1. Have passion.

Ok, maybe two steps. 1. Have passion and 2. a commitment to the community where the structure was built. That is exactly what the owners of the Eagles Mere Inn possess; a love of their community and a passion to preserve the last remaining Eagles Mere hotel built in the late 1800s.

It all started in the mid 1970s when a boy scout was hiking with his troop in the rugged terrain of the World’s End State Park. The Scoutmaster decided the boys could benefit from a healthy dose of ice cream and off to Eagles Mere they went. Upon their arrival they were treated to a quaint little town with an ice cream parlor, still there to this day, and a general store that hadn’t changed since the 1930s. The boy scout was hooked. He ended up marrying a woman who shared his love of Eagles Mere and in 1984 they bought a home there. In 1989 another successful business man was introduced to “The town that time forgot” and the two men became friends.

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