How to Plan Your Winter Wonderland Wedding

Like Rome, planning a wedding is not done in one day. If you’re looking for a helpful, but generic “how-to guide” for planning your wedding, we recommend this one here. Read further if you need the skinny on the extra details to consider when planning your winter wonderland wedding.

Winter Wedding Ideas | Plan Your Winter Wonderland Wedding

Less dates are available in the winter

In the case of winter weddings, picking your date should be step one in the planning process because there are less dates available. This wonderful time of the year gets its name not only because of way a fresh snowfall looks, but also because it’s dominated by family and social time. Holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day all fall during the winter season. Securing a date early that doesn’t fall on a holiday weekend or on a holiday itself (Valentine’s day is on a Friday in 2020!) will save you a lot of headaches and hassle down the road. There’s less dates to choose from this time of year, so it’s important to get in there and pick one fast and early!

Although less dates are available in the winter considering the numerous holidays, more venues tend to be available and for a better price. Not to mention, it’s unlikely your guests will have a lot of weddings to attend like they typically will in the summer. Wedding fatigue is real, and your guests won’t experience it as much this time of year. 

Winter Wedding Ideas | Plan Your Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter weather can be touch-and-go

One of the positives and negatives of getting married during the winter is the weather. On one hand, winter weddings are almost always planned indoors. Compared to fall, winter and summer weddings where you may be getting married outside, it’s simply too cold for you and your guests to host your ceremony and reception here from the get-go. For winter weddings, there’s no “plan B” or “location B”. Indoor weddings are a guarantee. Additionally, winter weather is much less humid than the other seasons, especially in the south. Your hair, make-up and male guests will thank you. Winter is also the best time for black tie because tuxedos were not made to be worn in the sweltering summer. Your tuxedoed guests will be more comfortable this time of year!  

However, just because your ceremony and reception are indoors does not mean winter weather won’t have an effect on your big day. Although you can look for weather patterns from previous years, you can’t 100% predict the weather far enough in advance of your wedding date. If a snowstorm or unfavorable driving conditions create dangerously icy roads, it may delay the arrival of your out-of-town guests and have a huge effect on your guest list… and your wallet. 

A common and unique solution to these problems would be to host your winter wonderland wedding in a different season. Sounds crazy, but it might just be crazy enough to work! By hosting an indoor, winter wonderland wedding in the fall, summer or spring, you avoid all the hassles of winter weather all while making your wedding dreams come true!

Winter Wedding Ideas | Plan Your Winter Wonderland Wedding

Color schemes may be limited

The goal of a winter wonderland color scheme is to make the venue appear like a fresh, twinkling blanket of snow is on the ground. Color inspiration also may come from hanging icicles. Typically, the color scheme’s purpose is to make the venue look cold and iced over without actually doing so. It’s magical and elegant. To achieve this effect, winter wonderland weddings tend to follow a similar color scheme: lots of blues, whites, silver, metallics, other light colors and gold. If these don’t fancy your interests, maybe it’s best to lean towards a winter wedding with your own twist, not necessarily “winter wonderland”. Always remember that it’s your wedding. In the end, you’re of course able to pick whichever color scheme best fits you and create your own version of a winter wonderland wedding. 

Daylight savings shortens the days

Because of daylight savings, the sunset happens earlier in the winter. In some locations, the sun will set as early as 4:30 p.m.! Winter ceremonies may have to start earlier if you plan to have them during the day. Be sure to consult with your photographer to make sure you can find the perfect time to take your golden hour wedding photos and plan your ceremony and reception around this. 

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