Five Factors to Consider When Getting Married During the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year’

There’s something magical about the winter. From the comforting chill in the air, to the time spent with loved ones, it’s the time of year for giving. All of these factors, plus the possibility of a crisp and snowy backdrop can make for a magical wedding day. Before saying “I do” to a winter wedding, here are five things to consider:

Five Things to Consider When Planning Winter Weddings

The weather – deal breaker or deal maker?

While a white Christmas is always a child’s dream, a white wedding may be yours. There’s no denying that the idea of getting married with a blanket of snow on the ground will make for picturesque wedding photos. However, winter weather can definitely have a negative effect on your big day. Although you can look for weather patterns from previous years, you can’t 100% predict the weather far enough in advance of your wedding date. If a snowstorm or unfavorable driving conditions create dangerously icy roads, it may delay the arrival of your out-of-town guests and have a big effect on your guest list… and your wallet.

Can you plan around the many winter holidays?

In addition to the weather, the winter tends to be a time of year dominated by family related holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. While the idea of getting married on New Year’s Eve may be magical, some of your guests may already have plans or – truthfully — would rather not spend them at a wedding. Super Bowl Sunday, usually the first weekend in February, is usually spent at home in front of a large-screen TV. And your single friends may want to curl up at home with a good book as opposed to celebrating love on Valentine’s Day. For these reasons, you may have fewer dates to choose from when planning your big day. If these aren’t deal breakers for you, then a winter wedding is right up your alley. 

Five Things to Consider When Planning Winter Weddings

Are you up for winter décor?

For some, this is the biggest selling point of a winter wedding. The idea of hosting your wedding in a log cabin with a crackling fireplace and drinking hot cocoa with your guests at the end of the evening is positively alluring. However, if you’re someone who does not picture a faux fur coat over your perfectly picked wedding dress and glittering accents aren’t your thing, you may want to reconsider planning a wedding during the coldest time of year. 

If, however, you relish in the idea of your wedding following a classic-chic winter color palette, utilizing in-season berries, pine, pinecones and distressed wood and more into your big day, then you’re right on track to having a winter wonderland wedding! 

Is comfort food too casual for your big day?

Comfort foods are some of the most favored winter wedding cuisines. During the colder months, it warms your guests from the inside out. Tomato soups and clam or lobster chowders are perfect starters. Dinner can be accompanied by mashed potatoes and pasta. And dessert is the perfect time to serve seasonal classics like apple pie and gingerbread. Better yet, you can set up a fondue station for hors d’oeuvres and serve hot cocoa with dessert. 

While comfort food is undeniably delicious, it may be too casual for some. Therefore, you may want to opt for a more classic dinner option or select a catering company that can put a unique and chic twist on your comfort food. 

For some individuals, comfort food sounds amazing and doesn’t need to be changed in any way! If you agree, plan accordingly and serve it on your big day. Remember, it’s your wedding. There’s no right or wrong way to do things as long as it fits with your dream winter wedding plans. 

Five Things to Consider When Planning Winter Weddings

Is winter your favorite season?

If you’re really serious about getting married in the winter, you will love everything that comes with it. From the comfort food, the décor, the attire, potential snow storms, cold and more. These factors will only enhance your wedding day and getting married in the winter will make your big day extra special because it’s a season you hold close to your heart. 

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