The Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Wedding Planning

As beautiful as a winter wedding may be, the weather can often have an effect on how smoothly your planning may go. Here are some do’s and don’ts for winter wedding planning that should ease your worries and encourage your creativity!

Winter Wedding at Eagles Mere Inn

DO: Experiment with colors

Just because you’re having a winter wedding does not mean you’re limited to a typical color palette of blue, white and silver. All weddings, not just winter ones, should be as unique as you are and reflect your individual style. Incorporate colors and textures that represent you!

DON’T: Feel confined to a “Winter Wonderland” theme

Similar to the above point, just because your wedding is during the winter season does not mean your wedding should follow a winter wonderland theme, especially if it’s not your taste. This also means you shouldn’t incorporate a Christmas theme into your wedding if it’s not your style. There are plenty of ways to have your wedding reflect the cozy season you’re in without planning a winter wonderland or Christmas wedding.

Winter Wedding at Eagles Mere Inn

DO: Consider the season

Considering what florals and foods that are in season will help you pay homage to the winter season and will save you money in the long run. In-season florals and foods are a lot more cost effective than out-of-season ones and it it plays nicely into the time of year. If you love comfort food, the winter menu is full of hearty dishes that will pair perfectly with a chilly reception.

DON’T: Forget the coat check

Coat checks are a must for winter weddings and are a small detail that often go overlooked. Because your guests will have to come to the party bundled up and need a place to put their coats, you do not want the backs of their chairs to become the place where the coats lay. Your first dance photos can do without that – trust us!

DO: Receive guests indoors

When your guests are lining up to enter the venue and pass their congratulations to you and your partner, they may get backed up at the door and be left out in the cold. If possible, try to set up your gifts, seating chart and yourselves farther indoors so your guests aren’t frostbitten by the time they’ve reached you.

DON’T: Overlook the potential for bad weather

One of the reasons that many couples opt not to have their weddings in the winter is because of the possibility of inclement weather delaying their guests’ arrival. Because the weather can be unpredictable, be sure to have as many back-up plans in place as possible whether it be arranging transportation for guests, coordinating with your site planners, or contacting local car services for your guests. The more prepared you are, the better!

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