How To Plan Your Spring Wedding

Spring weddings are undeniably beautiful and timeless. However, this wonderful time of year can prove to be stressful due to competition for venues and vendors. If you’re planning on having a spring wedding but you’re not sure where to begin, here are five steps to get you started.

Pick your venue

The competition for venues and vendors starts increasing during the spring months. It’s recommended you secure your spring venue as soon as possible once you have a date in mind. Couples may book venues anywhere from 12-16 months in advance this time of year!

In order to celebrate the rebirth of the season after winter and add lots of natural décor to your wedding, consider wedding venues that are botanical or outdoors. Country estates, golf courses, waterfalls, conservatories, gardens or greenhouses are all beautiful places to say “I do” while celebrating the spring season.

Spring Wedding at Eagles Mere Inn

Select your color palette

When you’re picking your color palette for your spring wedding, think of the colors you see during this time of year. Since lots of florals are in bloom, you may be leaning toward pastels like blue, pink, yellow, lavender or green. These colors will fit perfectly with the season should you choose to go this route. We recommend pairing them with a neutral color like gray or white for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

If pastels aren’t your thing, consider opting for richer tones and pairing them with a single pastel color. It’s recommended to stay away from anything too dark as it will feel out of place during this bright season. 

Design save the dates/invitations

Now that you have your color palette picked out, the rest of your wedding planning will go a little smoother because you have a common theme to rally around. Calligraphy and script text used throughout your stationary is a great way to continue the magical and elegant feel the spring season brings with it. Because the season is literally blooming, consider adding flowers to your save the dates and invitations. Whether it’s in the design of the stationary or your wax-seal petals to close your invitations, these little details will go a long way.

Select your décor

For a spring wedding, we say flowers, flowers and more flowers are a must. Not only are they in season, which will save you money, but you can select flowers that grow locally to reduce your carbon footprint. A win-win! Incorporating flowers into your wedding day does not just mean the bouquets and the table settings. There are plenty of opportunities to create a stunning flower wall backdrop for photos, a beautiful flower arch at the altar, utilizing them on your cake as decoration and so much more. If you do have a tighter flower budget, put your money where it matters most like the centerpieces and bouquets. Or, select flowers that bloom year-round like roses, orchids, lilacs and dahlias.

Spring Wedding at Eagles Mere Inn

Bridesmaid, groomsmen and guest attire

As mentioned earlier, flowers play a huge role in spring weddings. If you’ve exhausted your flower budget but want to incorporate more into your big day, consider trying out floral bridesmaids dresses! It’s a unique way to add more flowers to your day without going over budget. A popular trend with spring weddings is mix-matched bridesmaids dresses. If you don’t love the idea of all your girls being in floral, consider having one or two in a floral dress while the others wear solid colors that you’ve picked to coincide with your color palette.

For groomsmen, it can go either way this time of year with a suit or tuxedo. For weddings with a more casual dress code, it might be fun to have the groomsmen and groom wear lighter suits like tan, gray or light blue. If you’re going for a more pastel color palette, these will complement each other perfectly. If you’re planning on going for the classic tux look, consider switching it up with a navy blue one instead. Not only is it in fashion, but it will put a modern twist on a classic look.

Depending on your location, spring weddings typically provide a happy medium attire wise for wedding guests. They won’t need to bundle up in coats and won’t sweat to death under a hot sun. At the end of the day, your venue should dictate the attire you recommend for your guests. Be sure to give your guests a heads-up on what you expect from a formality standpoint and they should be able to figure out the rest with the time of year.

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