The Fall Wedding Conflict Checklist

It’s time to plan your wedding and fall in love with the idea of getting married in the fall! Autumn brides embrace the comforting nature of the cooler months and revel in their unique wedding day. Before going all in, here are four things to consider regarding your fall wedding.

The Fall Wedding Conflict Checklist

Plan, plan and then plan some more

For some, with the cooler weather and gorgeous foliage, planning a fall wedding is a no-brainer. But there are some things to take into consideration before setting a date. Depending on your location, you may need a contingency plan for your reception and ceremony. On the east coast, bad weather during an outdoor fall wedding can bring freezing rain or even snow. However, with changing leaves creating a to-die-for backdrop, the risk may be worth the reward. Be sure to plan for it by doing your research as to the best time of year, average amount of rain/snowfall on your preferred dates, and have a back-up location just in case.

Because of the cooler weather, as a bride you may want to pick a dress for yourself and your bridesmaids that’s heavier and ready for the occasion. It may also give you the perfect opportunity to add an adorable flannel shawl or stylish fur coat to your wedding photos.

Fall weddings also occur during a time of year when there’s plenty of holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s probably best to not plan your wedding over a family time dominated weekend like Thanksgiving. However, it could be fun to plan your wedding over a weekend like Veterans Day. Some of your guests may have the following Monday off of work and they will greatly appreciate you taking them into consideration when planning. Let’s not forget football season is in full swing during the fall. Some of your guests may be disappointed if your wedding is on game day. But hey, this is your Super Bowl, so that’s up to you!

Lastly, the autumn months come with shorter days. If you’re looking to get the perfect golden hour wedding photos, be sure to consult your photographer on the perfect time of day to hold your ceremony. It may mean your ceremony begins a little earlier than normal, but then you can party all night long!

The Fall Wedding Conflict Checklist

Choose your color scheme

After considering all the potential weather conflicts and deciding a fall wedding is still your dream, the next step is to choose your color scheme. This key component of your wedding will translate into many other aspects of your big day and will keep your wedding consistent. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, your bouquet, invitations, table settings and more, your color scheme is a vital decision. Because your wedding is in the fall, you’ll want to stick with cooler, more muted colors that won’t outshine your autumn backdrop. You can draw inspiration from the colors of falling leaves and seasonal flowers to create your wedding colors. Fall weddings are the perfect time to add oranges, reds, browns, darker yellows, grays, emerald green, navy blue and gold to your wedding. If you’re more of an outgoing and bold bride who wants a color scheme to reflect this, you may want to consider getting married in a season that’s known for its bright colors and vibrance like the summer.

Work with what’s in season

Getting married in the fall means you’re not getting married at the peak time of year. This has its advantages in regards to the availability of venues, vendors, food and flowers.

Flowers are a must when it comes to wedding décor… but who knew flowers could be so expensive?! If you’re planning a wedding during the fall months, you can save a lot of money by picking flowers locally grown in the region during that time of year. Sunflowers, dahlias, marigolds and mums are just a few of the flowers that peak during the fall season and make gorgeous additions to bouquets, table settings and décor. Not to mention, most of these flowers perfectly fit the fall color wheel and may be ideal for your color scheme. Seasonal berries can add a touch of color and uniqueness to your theme or bouquet. Other fall foliage like pinecones, fallen leaves or distressed wood can also help create a country-rustic feel to your wedding.

When it comes to the food you’ll be serving at your wedding, comfort cuisine is the biggest trend in fall wedding food. Sweet and savory is also on the menu! In-season vegetables like squashes and root vegetables can be used to create delicious soups and chowders, perfect to warm up your guests on a cooler wedding day. Pumpkin seems to be one of the most popular spices out there, especially during fall, and can easily be added to desserts and warm drinks. Caramel desserts and hot chocolate are also a fabulous way to warm up your guests and make them feel at home on your big day. Serving dishes that are in season will not only keep you in theme with your wedding, but also save you money!

The Fall Wedding Conflict Checklist

Pick a venue

As mentioned earlier, depending on the location of your fall wedding, the weather can be unpredictable. In all weddings, not just fall ones, it’s important to have a plan B (or location B!). When you’re looking at venues for your fall wedding and you plan to have your ceremony outdoors, consider planning your “I do’s” in a location that also has a nearby chapel or reception hall. Just in case the weather isn’t everything you’ve dreamed on your big day this does not mean your day still can’t be perfect!

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