How to Style Your Country-Rustic Wedding

There’s something timeless about a country-rustic wedding. Country-rustic weddings are perfect for the down-to-earth couple that’s elegant and chic at the same time. There’s no cut-and-dry way to do this wedding style, which is what makes it all the more fun. You can truly make it your own! If you’re dabbling with the idea of a county-rustic wedding, here are four things to use for inspiration.

How to Style Your Country-Rustic Wedding

Use nature as your backdrop

Barn weddings are more popular than ever, but you don’t need to host your wedding here to get the county-rustic feeling going. Using nature as a backdrop will make your wedding feel down-to-earth and relaxed. Plus, all the gorgeous scenery automatically sets the stage for your wedding with less hassle and planning. Hay, wooden barrels and burlap will add rustic touches to your big day. By using nature-inspired elements and outdoor spaces, you will create a relaxed atmosphere that encourages dancing, mingling and having a great time.

Allow things to be perfectly imperfect

In a country rustic wedding, your bouquet should look like it was plucked right from the garden. Utilizing wildflowers can really add to that rustic feel and keeping the stems uncut adds for a more relaxed vibe. When it comes to attire, you can play with your bridesmaid’s get up by having them wear their own cowgirl boots under their dresses or even go for patterned, short dresses. The groomsmen can be dressed in khakis and white button-downs complete with a cowboy hat. As for your guests… maybe there’s no dress code at all! Allowing your day to be imperfect and not forcing perfection will leave you, your bridal party and your guests less stressed. When you’re already in boots and not required to wear a tux, everyone will be keener to get on the dance floor and really have some fun celebrating you and your new life mate!

How to Style Your Country-Rustic Wedding

Take inspiration from the outdoors

Inspiration from the outdoors can be taken in more ways than just the way you style your bouquet. Aspects of your wedding such as the boutonnieres, table settings, a wooden arch as an altar, a flower crown for the flower girl, décor and more can be inspired by the outdoors or even taken directly from it!. If you’re going for a softer look, you may prefer a color palette of pastels and other lighter hues. On the other side of the coin, earth tones work well for rustic, country-style weddings.

DIY as much as possible

The country rustic wedding style is inspired by how weddings were held in days of old when everything was done by hand. With that being said, today’s country rustic weddings have a focus on the handmade details and repurposed vintage items. Getting crafty with your wedding will not only save you money, but it will give it that country-rustic feel. Use lace for a touch of elegance, string lights, drink from mason jars, write on chalk boards, use hand lettering for signs and create your very own twist to a country-rustic wedding:

How to Style Your Country-Rustic Wedding

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