Five Things to Know About Planning A Spring Wedding

The sun is finally shining, the weather is warming up and everyone is in a great mood because the winter is on its way out. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold. Sounds like a perfect time to get married! Before picking your date and committing to a spring wedding, it’s important to get a look at all sides of the coin. Here are things you should know about planning a spring wedding.

Spring Wedding at Eagles Mere Inn

Spring weather can be unpredictable

Although the spring brings a promise of warmer weather eventually, that’s not always the case in the Northern U.S. Nor’easters unfortunately happen and can put a damper on your big day. When planning for a spring wedding, be sure to have a back-up location planned if the weather doesn’t quite go your way. Notify your out-of-town guests of potential weather conflicts as you get closer to your date so they can plan accordingly and come in early to beat a storm if need be. Also, you can note on your wedding invites or wedding website that your guests should dress accordingly and bring coats for the ceremony if a cold front is coming in.

The spring color palette is to die for

The spring color palette is one that exudes natural beauty. Inspired by the budding florals and freshly grown grass, your décor is sure to be stunning and refreshing after a long winter. Pinks and pretty pastels tend to look good on any skin tone and complexion, so your bridesmaids are bound to be happy with no matter what color you choose for their dresses! With spring’s proximity to the summer months, you can also go bold and pick brighter, more vibrant colors. Whatever colors you choose, they’re sure to be a breath of fresh air after a dreary winter.

There’s lots of competition for dates

Between the holidays and the popularity of a spring wedding, there’s lots of competition. In terms of holidays, here are a few you’ll need to keep in mind:

  • Palm Sunday – Sunday before Good Friday
  • Good Friday – Second Friday in April
  • Easter Sunday – Second Sunday in April
  • Mother’s Day – Second Sunday of May each year
  • Memorial Day – Last Monday of May each year
  • Father’s Day – Third Sunday of June each year

While you’re not restricted from hosting your wedding on any of these dates, there may be some conflict not only with guests, but with hotel and flights. If you were to plan your wedding over Memorial Day weekend, flights and hotel prices are bound to skyrocket. What’s most convenient for you budget wise may not be for your guests.

Another thing to keep in mind about spring weddings is the popularity of them with other couples. Because of the better weather, prices begin to creep up with vendors and the availability of venues begins to go down. If a spring wedding is your dream, you may need to begin planning and secure your date anywhere from 12-16 months in advance. Take a second look at your budget and confirm that it’s something you can swing with the increase in vendor prices.

Spring Wedding at Eagles Mere Inn

Tons of florals and foods are in season

Lucky for you and your budget, and with credit to the nicer weather, tons of florals and food come back in season during the spring. The spring florals like peonies, baby’s breath and succulents are back and are perfect for complimenting the spring color palette. With the winter behind us, so are the hearty and heavier winter foods. You can create dishes at your wedding with leafy greens, carrots, peas, juicy fruits and tomatoes that not only are in season but are better for you.

Your bridal party and guests will be much more comfortable

The limbo between winter and summer can actually be very pleasant weather wise. Your guests won’t need to bundle up with coats and they won’t be sweating through their tuxes on the dance floor. Spring weddings pose a ton of options attire wise, but ultimately it encourages your guests and bridal party to dress their most comfortable. Something you as a planner and your guests will enjoy!

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